It’s not good when the editorial board of the newspaper that published Boehner’s defense of his lawsuit felt compelled to write their own editorial condemning his tactics. Outside of conservative circles, Boehner is not finding a warm reception anywhere for his lawsuit. The lawsuit isn’t fooling anybody. It has always been a path towards drumming up support for impeaching the president. Boehner’s frivolous abuse of the court system is also intended to make Obamacare the front and center issue during the midterm elections.

The lawsuit does look like an attempt by a sore loser at petty political retribution. Republicans lost at the ballot box. They’ve lost in court of public opinion, because people like what the ACA does. All that they have left is a desperate run to the courts in the hopes that partisan activist judges will bail them out.

As a political strategy, the lawsuit has backfired. Democrats are fired up over Boehner’s clumsy tactics. As a fundraising gambit, the lawsuit has been a disaster. Democrats continue to raise millions of dollars off of a tactic that was supposed to help Republicans gain seats in the fall.

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VOTE #FixTheHouse #FireBoehner SHOW UP with at least 2 voters #Congress #Elections2014 @RichardOHornos

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VOTE #FixTheHouse #FireBoehner SHOW UP with at least 2 voters #Congress #Elections2014 @RichardOHornos

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Morgan Freeman recently took up beekeeping, but he’s not one of those nerds who wears all the gear.

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